Monthly Archives: July 2012

Haven’t You Been Working on That a While?

I just completed a real live draft of my current W-I-P, a draft that is much farther along than a first draft but not a final draft yet, a draft that I hope is one round of hard revision away from being submission-ready. A few months ago, I was telling a very close friend about my plans to get this draft in place by now, and she said, “Haven’t you been working on that book for a while?” Read the rest of this entry

Naming Places

On Monday, we talked a little about naming characters. What about the other names in your stories? What about names of buildings, streets, companies? Sometimes choosing these names is even more difficult than naming characters, because place names and business names carry an even heavier weight of history and tradition in their meaning. Read the rest of this entry

I Dub Thee…

My current W-I-P involves multiple characters with multiple names, because they have secret identities. (Yes, I’m writing a very exciting book.) This has caused all kinds of problems during the writing process. I had the primary name for the characters — in other words, the name by which they are introduced to the reader — but I had not chosen the other names. In fact, I spent a lot of time worried that revealing the other names would just confuse the reader, and so I questioned whether it was even necessary, and then avoided thinking about it for a long time. Unfortunately, all that did was cement their primary names in my mind, which made choosing secret names even harder. Read the rest of this entry