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Voice, Thundersnow, and the Power of Experience

Science educator Katie Slivensky blogged this morning about Thundersnow. You see, here in New England we are bracing for a blizzard. Oh, it’s snowing. The wind is a-blowing. My laundry and dishes are a-going (in case we lose power and/or water). And I have plenty of canned food, bread and milk. (I’m short on cat food, though, so it looks like I might be sacrificing some cans of tuna over the weekend…) Apparently, we have at least a couple of feet of the white stuff headed our way in a serious storm. This storm might include Thundersnow, which Katie explains quite nicely (head on over there and read it…I’ll wait).

Cool, right? Especially the 8-bit Nintendo-looking diagram? So I’m going to get back to Thundersnow in a minute. But first, some background: Read the rest of this entry