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The Human Side of Power

It would be impossible to have a President’s week on a site that discusses creativity and storytelling without discussing the West Wing. Aaron Sorkin took television by storm in 1999 with this drama about fictional President of the United States Josiah “Jed” Bartlet and his senior staff, taking us inside the west wing of the White House and captivating audiences for seven seasons. But what is it about this show that is so compelling? Read the rest of this entry

The Weddings of Friends, Part II

From "The One in Vegas"

To continue our journey through the many, many weddings on the television show Friends, what better place to start than the home of the quickie wedding? Read the rest of this entry

Welcome to Wedding Week!

Two events coincided with the launching of Creatively Unhinged that made it simple to choose an opening theme. First, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, a holiday traditionally associated with love and romance (and heartbreak and loneliness, as well). Second, just last week, the 9th Circuit decided to make history by declaring California’s Proposition 8 (amending the California Constitution to prohibit gay marriage) unconstitutional, and I realized that instead of just love and romance, there was a perfect theme:


If you’ve ever had a wedding, or planned a wedding, or been in a wedding, you’ll know of the stress caused by these blessed events. There are landmines everywhere. Will Josephine be angry if she’s not asked to be a bridesmaid? Will the dog eat the ring? Will the reception hall be destroyed the day before the event? Will Aunt Georgia kill Uncle Wally if we sit them at the same table? Will I still fit into the dress on the big day? Is the horny groomsman going to try to sleep with all of the bridesmaids, or just the vulnerable ones? Will someone get cold feet? Read the rest of this entry